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TIM-5235XS/S Grab bar 90º, measures 800 x 400 mm., with 3 fixing supports to wall.

TIM-523470/S Horizontal grab bar stainless steel 700x700 mm lenght ,3 fixing supports to wall.

TIM-523030/B Fixed grab bar stainless steel 300 mm, bright finished.

TIM-523040/B Fixed grab bar stainless steel 400 mm , bright finished.

TIM-523050/B Fixed grab bar stainless steel 500 mm , bright finished.

TIM-523060/B Fixed grab bar stainless steel 600 mm , bright finished.

TIM-523080/B Fixed grab bar stainless steel 800 mm , bright finished.

TIM-52318P/S Folding bar stainless steel 800mm length, bright finished.

Tim-52318P/N Folding bar made of stainless steel. Satin or bright finish. 32mm diameter. 800mm in length.

TIM-52318P/BA Folding bar made in stainless steel. 750mm of lenght, bright finished. Without toilet roll  holder. Screws included.

TIM-52328P/B Folding bar with toilet roll holder stainless steel 800 mm. length , bright finished . Floor support

TIM-523135/B Grab bar 135º stainless steel 300x300 mm. length, bright finished.

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